Don’t Be A Super Fan

We are officially in the Hunt for October! That means the post season fever is hitting all baseball fans, and turning avid sports fans to at least pay attention to the standings in between college football and the NFL pre-season. The one type of fan to look out for are the Super Fans. You know the type — the people at the bar or in the stands who may take the game a little too seriously. That’s unfortunately who my wife and I ran in to on August 29th at Miller Park during the Brewers vs. Cardinals game.

Miller Park. What a beaut.

Great seats, great day, great friends. What could go wrong besides maybe a loss? The day was going by blissfully as we entered the stadium. We saw Bernie’s Slide walking from the parking lot, took some great candid photos inside the atrium, and of course had to get ourselves a Leinenkugal’s beer with a bratwurst. Living off that humble Wisconsin atmosphere. The National Anthem was sung beautifully, the roof stayed open, and you could almost hear Bob Uecker’s voice ring out “We’ve got a good one here; come on out!” before the first pitch. The mood was merry and joyful, and just when the strings were all set for an enjoyable evening of baseball, they all were cut at once in the bottom of the third inning when this man sat in front of us.

Meet our Brew Crew Super Fan himself. A middle aged ex-little league coach who didn’t come with any friends nor family, who has been kicked out of numerous beer leagues, and is absolutely convinced that his spiritual motivation is the turning tide for his favorite team to win. Any time between batters (or innings) this man would whistle louder than a freight train at ear piercing volumes, along with yells across the baseball diamond that shook the entire section of seats we were unfortunate to share with him. The Super Fan was convinced that if he yelled the player’s names loud enough that they would come in to the stands and high-five him with an 80’s montage level of reassurance that his attendance is important. The worst part of being a Super Fan? They. Do. Not. Stop. Always at the most inopportune times will he stand up and begin screaming over and over again, so much so that parents became fearful for their children. Children giving him looks of pure Baby Shade. You know that look that toddlers give to people they’re unsure about, where you can just tell on their face that they’re thinking in their little noggins “what the hell is wrong with this guy”? That’s Baby Shade.

His favorite phrase. The sonic booming, “Let’s Go” that eventually became a joke. People all around us reaching for their phones to capture his overabundance of character. Admittedly, by the sixth inning the Super Fan went from irritating to entertaining. A few trips to the Leine’s beer stand may have had some influence on this attitude change, or if could have been the crowd around us making their riffs on the Fan. Every ten minutes or so a man three rows above us would give us his own “Let’s goooo” in the most mockingly non-chalant tone he could spout off. The group in the row behind us became our Brewer buddies as we all laughed over the Super Fan’s antics. As one man put it, “If you can’t beat him, join him”. And that we did, which despite the grueling loss (the final score 10-2) being seated next to the Super Fan ended up being one of the more enjoyable, albeit unique, experiences while at Miller Park. At the very least the it makes for a good anecdote, and with every good story there should always come a lesson. Cheering and hollaring are always in good fun for any sporting event, and no matter how excited being in the presence of our favorite stars may be, please for the sanity of those around you… never become a Super Fan.

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